Beautiful relaxing retreats where you can experience fully unwinding and receiving all that is meant for you now. Amplified with the energy of unconditional love, trust and true community, always resulting in true magic & miracles!

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Helping you learn to heal & lead yourself with confidence & compassion to the life of your dreams. Helping you master the power to direct energy with intentions, allowing us to consciously create a new reality together.


A place to connect monthly with other like-minded women. An opportunity to share what's on your heart and be witnessed and held in loving acceptance and support. This type of container actually holds powerful energy medicine that is direly needed and most of us don't even know that we're missing it.

This is your special invitation. An invitation for you to allow yourself into a new experience. An experience that will open your heart and mind in ways you didn’t realize you needed.


An Online Meditative Painting Practice For Soul Messages


Painting Fearlessly as a microcosm to life. Live zoom class with replays, meditations and sharing/interpretation to connect to your soul and learn different painting techniques. Practicing keeping your mind in the backseat and allowing secret messages to be delivered from your soul and subconscious within the vehicle of your own creative expression.


An Local In-Person Fun Paint & Sip Party For Small to Large Groups

$44/per person

Painting step-by-step with a small group or large private party. Tea or Coffee included, or bring your own drinks. We'll start with a soul connection meditation and creative energy teaching before we begin painting together. So much fun and a great way to get out of your mind and unwind. Plus learn some new things and make new friends.

Portion of all proceeds go to charity to support underprivileged young women increasing their emotional intelligence, learning about healthy connections and intimacy and developing their self-leadership and collaboration skills.


Magical and powerful experience which must be experienced by your physical body in person. You will be amazed at the simplicity and impact you feel immediately. Includes, grounding and special breathing techniques - learning the foundations of feeling good in your body. Activating and facilitating your own self healing abilities through your energy and your breath. Guided meditation and custom healing and clearings as needed.

Sound Healing Experience - you just lie down, relax and allow the vibrations to do their powerful work. Sessions will last at least 1 hour and can be longer depending on questions and necessary healings/clearings. Will not last longer than 2 hours at most.