Connect to your gifts and the spiritual power within yourself and learn to use your intentional energy to create a life you love through creative flow, expression and mastering intimate loving relationships.

From your wholeness and place of power and connection, decide how best to serve and create a better world. What's best for you is always what's best for all.

When it is on your heart and in alignment, you are invited to join us within our larger mission to create a New Earth founded on freedom and equality.

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Nourish Your Soul First

Intimate connection to self and spirit naturally leads to beautiful relationships with others and the confidence to step into your power to create a life you love living and express yourself authentically. When you do this work for yourself, you create a ripple effect that changes the world.

This work is leading us step by step into our greater mission which is using our powerful visionary abilities and intentions to lead us into the new earth paradigm. We will create a new reality together through collaborative networking of our conscious communities worldwide. To help facilitate this change within our soul fractal I’ve started the Freedom Foundation for New Earth Creation.

If you feel a connection to me, follow your heart and


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