I'm Kristin Lynn, an artist, an author, a visionary, a certified coach and spiritual mentor. I help people access their unique gifts and use their inner power to create what they truly desire in life. As a healer and intuitive channeler, I offer loving and supportive guidance through the healing and growth process. I empower people with the tools and knowledge to connect to spirit on their own and to heal and lead themselves.

I have accumulated a wealth of wisdom and knowledge from many lifetimes, but I wasn't always as healed and knowledgeable as I am now. In the past, I was a complete mess. My emotions ruled my life and I had a bad temper. I believed I was a victim of my circumstances and was always looking for someone or something to blame. I thought I was confident and knew what I wanted, but in reality, I was just hiding behind a hardened, shielded version of myself.

Through my own healing journey, I uncovered my hidden talents and skills. I am a powerful intuitive healer and energy alchemist, a talented artist, writer and creator, a gifted speaker and teacher, and I help activate the energetic gifts and codes in others. I am a divine channel for messages and creativity, and use my ability to create energy-infused art and to inspire others to connect with their own creative power. I am a visionary for the new earth and new ways of being.

I would love to get to know you and help you on your journey to happiness and fulfillment! Let's work together to activate your inner knowing and unlock your full potential.


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